Customer Handbook

Medical Emergencies


Medical emergencies of a minor nature can be dealt with by The Crescent Security Officers.  Also, selected Security Officers will be required to familiarize themselves with certain emergency procedures, inclusive of CPR and basic first aid.  In case of a medical emergency:


1.        Notify The Crescent Security Control Center at 214.880.4550 at once.  The operator will
           contact the appropriate medical agency and alert Security Officers.

2.        Give the operator your name, phone number, the location of the injured person(s) and describe the kind
           of problem that exists.

3.        If possible, position someone to direct responding emergency teams to the victim(s).

4.        Attempt to give first aid if possible.  If the victim has stopped breathing or appears to be suffering from a
           heart attack or shock, summon people with CPR training at once, since it is imperative that the victim
           begin receiving oxygen as soon as possible.

5.        In providing first aid, remember do not move an injured person except to protect the victim from a life
           threatening situation.  See that the victim has an open airway; proceed with mouth to mouth, nose to
           mouth or CPR respiration only if the person is not breathing.  Attempt to control any severe bleeding
           at once.

For optimum preparedness for medical emergencies, The Crescent Security recommends that each office keep files on each employee with complete information on medical history, chronic ailments, allergic reactions, doctor’s name and phone number, and the hospital where his/her doctor works.