Customer Handbook

Fire Procedures


Fire procedures have been established to inform you of your responsibilities and best opportunities for escaping without injuries in the event of a fire.  Minor fires, which you can extinguish without leaving the area of the fire, must be reported immediately to The Crescent Control Center at 214.880.4550.  Security officers will investigate and prepare an incident report.  Pull the Fire Alarm for all other fires that require leaving the area of the fire to obtain extinguishing equipment.

Remember the acronym RACE for the correct priority of procedures to follow for a serious incident:

1.         Rescue:  Or evacuate anyone in immediate danger.

2.         Alarm:  Report the fire by pulling the Fire Alarm Pull Station nearest the fire or calling the Dallas Fire
            Department at 911 and give your name and the exact location of the fire, then notify the Security 
            Control Center at 214.880.4550.

3.         Contain:  Close all doors and windows, turn off fans, and, if possible, confine the fire to its immediate

4.         Extinguish:  Attempt to put out the fire or prevent its spreading by proper use of fire extinguishing