Customer Handbook

Fire Prevention


Fire prevention should also be supervised by the Fire Warden, after presenting the following guidelines to all employees.

1.         Be certain that all coffee pots, hot plates, extension cords, and other electrical appliances have the UL
Laboratories) label.

2.         Be sure that coffee pots, hot plates, and other electrical equipment and devices are turned off when
            leaving each day.

3.         Avoid electrical overloading; never use octopus plugs; exercise care in the use of extension cords.

4.         Never put matches, cigarettes, cigars, or pipe ashes in wastebaskets.

5.         Observe safe and sensible smoking habits within designated smoking areas.

6.         If fluorescent light fixtures become overheated (characterized by a pungent, burning odor), report the
            problem at once.

7.         Alert a supervisor to any failure of electrical equipment.  Never use an electrical cord or outlet that
            appears to be

8.         Place all flammable liquids in sealed containers and store in secure metal cabinets.

9.         Practice good housekeeping, preventing litter accumulation in your work areas, storage and
            mechanical rooms.