Customer Handbook

Fire Evacuation in the Office Towers


Fire evacuation in the towers demands that you never attempt to use elevators as an escape route. In accordance with accepted high-rise emergency procedures, all elevators are programmed to return to the lobby as soon as the fire alarm system is activated.  Remember, you should leave the area of the fire immediately unless you have assigned duties or you are assisting in extinguishing procedures.  The primary evacuation routes should be the fire exit stairwells, if possible, closing all doors behind you.  Stay in a single file, walking on the right, to allow firemen access to the same stairwell.  Do not panic.  Walk.  Don't run.  If at all possible, proceed down the stairs toward the street, rather than up toward the roof, as rescue from upper areas may prove much more difficult.  In a fire situation in a multiple-story building such as The Crescent, safety procedures call for the floor on which the fire is located and one floor above and one floor below to evacuate first.  Evacuation of additional floors, if necessary, will be ordered by the Dallas Fire Department Officials.