Customer Handbook

Bomb Threats


Bomb threats demand proper responses on the part of the individual receiving the call.  He or she must be prepared to deal with the caller, record accurate information, and assist authorities in identifying the perpetrator.  The use of the “Bomb Threat Report” form at the end of the handbook will ensure that pertinent facts are obtained and recorded.  This form should be distributed to all telephone users and should be filled out during the conversation. 

If you receive such a call, remain calm, courteous and listen without interrupting, attempting to keep the caller on the line as long as possible.  Record every spoken word by the person.  After the caller has completed the threat, pass written instructions to a co-worker to notify The Crescent Security Control Center at 214.880.4550 and a supervisor in your company.  Most bombs are found OUTSIDE the building; therefore, those who evacuate are most vulnerable.  The occupant is safest in his own space.  The occupants of a space are the individuals who would recognize something suspicious or out of place, that is why the occupant should check his own space.  Explosions are very directional; an individual could be walking past the open door of another space and be injured by an explosion in that space. Should you see a suspicious or unknown object in your space, do not touch, notify the management office and/or public safety authorities’ onsite immediately. Building Security and Building Employees will search the public/common areas of the building. Always remember - indiscriminate evacuation places the occupant in harms way.