Customer Handbook

Armed Intruders-Customer Guidelines


General Principals and Responsibilities

These general “Guidelines” have been prepared as a resource to assist our customers in developing plans for responding to an armed intruder (as defined below) in a Crescent owned or managed building or related facilities, such as a garage, outdoor plaza, tunnel or other area (a “Property”).  Please familiarize yourselves and your employees and contractors with these Guidelines.  In these Guidelines, all personnel involved in the operation, management or leasing of a Property are included in “Property Management”; “Security” refers to those charged with safety and security responsibilities for the Property, and may include Crescent employees or third party officers; and “customers” refers to the contractual customers of the Property, and their assignees, subtenants and licensees (whether with or without the landlord’s approval), as well as their respective employees, contractors, customers, invitees and service providers.


Armed IntrudersAn “armed intruder” is an individual who has (i) entered the Property, (ii) expressed an intent to cause harm or damage and (iii) openly displayed (or been reliably perceived to possess) any item that may be used as a weapon, including but not limited to firearms, edged weapons such as a knife or sword, clubs, chemicals, explosives, etc.  Someone who has committed a crime in the area and is the subject of a police manhunt will not be considered an “armed intruder” unless and until he enters the Property.  Likewise, someone who is believed to be en route to the property to commit a dangerous act will not be an armed intruder until he enters the Property.  Nonetheless, if Property Management or Security receives a reliable report that a potential armed intruder may be seeking entry to the Property, the reporting party will be encouraged to contact the police directly and follow their instructions and, as circumstances permit, appropriate Property Management and Security personnel will be alerted to the potential threat, together with all available information.

Cooperation:  Should an armed intruder enter any part of the Property, law enforcement authorities will be primarily responsible for security and safety measures, and cooperation between all Crescent employees, Security personnel and customers and building occupants with such authorities will be required; nonetheless, there will almost surely be a gap in time between the discovery of the presence of an armed intruder and the arrival of law enforcement authorities.  Important decisions may have to be made under pressure based on limited resources and very little information.  Property Management respectfully requests your assistance and understanding, as well as that of your employees and invitees, in minimizing the risks to life and property.

Of course, armed intruder situations are unpredictable and constantly changing, so these Guidelines may not apply or be effective in all cases.  Moreover, these Guidelines are not intended to be a substitute for common sense and good judgment.  Crescent is not, and cannot be, a guarantor of the security or safety of every person in the Property or their personal property. Obviously, these are dangerous situations.  The over-riding principle is the safety of everyone on the Property.

Property Management’s Response Priorities

Confirmed Armed Intruder:  If the presence of an armed intruder is reliably confirmed in the Property, Property Management and/or Security will endeavor to take appropriate action, including the following:

1.         Notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the incident as soon as possible.

2.         Notify the affected customers and building occupants as quickly and safely as the situation permits,
            bearing in mind that the intruder may be moving quickly and his whereabouts may be unknown at
            any given time.

3.         Depending on circumstances and what is known at the time, Security may recommend that you
            remain in your premises and lock the doors or, alternatively, that you evacuate the Property.

4.         Based on circumstances and what is known at the time, determine whether to shut down the freight
            elevators and passenger elevators.

5.         Receive and assist law enforcement and emergency medical response teams, as needed.

6.         Once law enforcement authorities arrive on the scene, inform them of the situation and follow their

7.         Based on the information and resources available, law enforcement directives and prevailing
            circumstances, attempt to prevent pedestrian and vehicular traffic from entering the Property while
            emergency conditions exist.

Recommended Guidelines for Customers

Please listen to and follow the instructions given in communications from Property Management, Security or law enforcement regarding the incident.  In most instances, public announcements will be made over the Property’s public address system (if safely accessible and operational).  Such announcements may also be made by e-mail, telephone and/or fax, depending on circumstances.  Follow-up announcements will be made as circumstances warrant.

Confirmed Armed Intruder in the Building: If alerted to the confirmed presence of an armed intruder in the Property, customers and other building occupants and visitors should be prepared to take the following actions:

1.          If asked by Property Management, Security or law enforcement to remain in your suite or, if you are not
             comfortable leaving your premises, then please take the following actions as swiftly and safely as
remain calm, seek refuge in the interior spaces of your premises or other accessible areas that
             can be locked or barricaded.
Lock all exterior doors providing access to your premises or refuge area
             and take all other reasonable steps to secure your area from forced intrusion.
Await further
             developments and updated announcements from Property Management, Security or law enforcement.

2.         If advised by Property Management, Security or law enforcement officers or, if you determine that it is
            otherwise safe or necessary for you to do so, quickly and calmly remove yourself and all persons in 
            your charge to a safe location.

An Armed Intruder in Your Vicinity:  If you or another eye-witness you trust reports seeing an armed intruder on your floor or otherwise in your vicinity, please take the following actions as swiftly and safely as possible:

1.         Remain calm.

2.         Seek refuge in the interior space of your premises or other accessible areas that can be locked or

3.         Lock all exterior doors providing access to your premises or refuge area and take all other reasonable
            steps to secure your area from forced intrusion.

4.         If you have time, utilize any security and safety devices or locks installed in the premises or otherwise

5.         If safe to do so, call 911 and report your location, the last-seen location of the intruder, whether anyone is
            injured, and any other applicable or requested information.
  Be prepared to remain on the line as long as
  If you cannot speak, leave the telephone line open so the dispatcher can listen to what is taking

6.         If possible, have someone call Building Security at (214) 880-4550 and report the same information as
            listed in tem # 5 above.

7.         Await further developments and updated announcements from Property Management, Security or law

Telephone Calls:  As an incident unfolds, a large volume of phone calls will likely be placed to the management office.  Too many calls coming in at one time can overload the system and make it difficult for Property Management, Security and law enforcement to assess and respond to the facts as they unfold.  While your concerns in such situations are understood, please refrain from calling the management office or police unless you are: (1) in imminent danger, (2) reporting that someone has been seriously injured, or (3) reporting the location of the intruder.  Otherwise, please follow the Guidelines above, as appropriate, and please do not call the management office for situation updates.  Updated communications will be made as soon as possible, and as approved by Property Management, Security and law enforcement authorities.

Law Enforcement on the Scene

Authority:  Once local law enforcement authorities arrive on the scene and take charge of the situation, every attempt should be made to assist them and follow their directives and orders.

Law Enforcement Responders:  Law enforcement officers responding to the confirmed presence of an armed intruder in your Property are likely to conduct themselves as follows:

1.         Police officers are trained to proceed immediately to the area in which shots were last heard; their
            purpose is to stop the shooting as quickly as possible.

2.         The first responding officers will normally be in teams of four (4); they may be dressed in regular
             patrol uniforms or they may be wearing external bulletproof vests, Kevlar helmets and other tactical
             equipment. The officers may be armed with rifles, shotguns or handguns, and might be using
             pepper spray or tear gas to control the situation.

3.         Regardless of how they appear, remain calm, do as the officers tell you, and do not be afraid of
  Put down any bags or packages you may be carrying and keep your hands visible at all
            times. If you have any information regarding the location or behavior of the intruder, the direction he
            was last heading or any injuries, please tell the officers.

4.         The first officers to arrive will not stop to aid injured people.  Follow-up rescue teams composed of
            other officers and emergency medical personnel will follow the first officers into secured areas to
            treat and remove injured persons.

Triage Station:  If there are injuries, local medical personnel may establish a triage area within the Property or in a nearby facility.  Injured persons and persons seeking the injured will be directed to this area.

Resuming Normal Building Operations

Once law enforcement authorities notify Property Management and Security that it is safe to return to normal operations, Property Management will resume control of the Property.  At such time, Security will be directed to unlock all entry/exit doors and Property Management will attempt to notify customers and building occupants.

Some Property areas may be “crime scenes” requiring law enforcement to continue processing after normal operations have resumed.  Customers, employees, invitees and other personnel will not be allowed in these areas until the investigation is completed.  In addition, everyone in the Property at the time of the incident may be considered witnesses.  Law enforcement will probably not allow anyone to leave the scene until the situation has been brought fully under control and all witnesses have been identified and questioned.  Until you are released, please remain at the assembly point designated by the authorities.  Stay calm and be patient.

Prohibited Firearms

Building Rules and Regulations strictly prohibit firearms and other dangerous weapons in the Property.  In an armed intruder situation, law enforcement may not be able to distinguish between an armed civilian and an armed intruder.  Someone brandishing a firearm may therefore be mistaken for the intruder.

Training and Planning

Training:  From time to time, special training may be offered to help your employees be better prepared and knowledgeable about handling incidents involving armed intruders.

Company Plan:  Property Management strongly urges you to develop your own formal plan for responding to armed intruders in the Property, taking into account the size, location and layout of your premises and other relevant factors.  Such plans should include recommendations from law enforcement, proper training of employees and contractors (including rehearsal of scenarios), regular updates and ongoing efforts to coordinate implementation with Property Management.

Planning resources are available from several sources including:

           The Department of Homeland Security

           The Center for Personal Protection and Safety. Training DVD available.