Customer Handbook

After-Hours Access Card


The Crescent utilizes innovative PORT (Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal) elevator technology to provide after-hours access for all its customers.  A PORT card reader device identifies personalized passenger information and selects the elevator that will provide the most efficient route to passenger destinations.

This computerized system is also capable of limiting each access card holder’s access to those specific areas which he or she is authorized to enter.  Follow these instructions for the after-hours use of your access card for the PORT card reader located at each elevator bank within each building. 


  1. Hold your access card near the card reader below the display screen.
  2. If your card is valid, a green light comes on and the floor(s) that you have access to will appear on the screen. Push the button for the floor you choose to enter.
  3. The PORT reader will direct you to your dispatched elevator.   
  4. The elevator doors will close, and the elevator will proceed to the desired floor.
  5. From upper level floors, there is no need to use your access card to get to the Lobby Floor (1st level).  However, your access card is needed to relocate between floors within the building for which you have programmed access.


After hours each elevator in 100, 200, and 300 Crescent Court towers are programmed to respond only to authorized access cards and go to specifically assigned floors.  The elevators are accessible without an access card from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on building holidays.  An Access Card Request Form is located in Forms or log into our electronic workorder system, under Customer Services above, to make your request.  Contact the management office for your unique login information.