Tenant Handbook

After-Hours Access Card


Electronic after-hours access provides additional security for all customers of The Crescent.  Programmed to show who is entering the building, this computerized system is also capable of limiting each access card holder’s access to those specific areas which he or she is authorized to enter.  Follow these instructions for the use of your access card for the proximity card reader located in the designated Security Elevators for each bank per building:


1.         Push the call button in the elevator lobby and enter.

2.         Hold your access card up to the proximity card reader, the small black square next to the floor call
            buttons on the right 
side panel.

3.         If your card is valid, the red light goes out, a green light comes on; push the button for the floor you
            choose to enter.

4.         The floor button you push will light up if your card is programmed for access to that particular floor.

5.         The elevator doors will close, and the elevator will proceed to the desired floor if the card is so

6.         When leaving upper level floors during security hours, push the elevator call button in the elevator lobby.

7.         The security elevator will answer the call on your particular floor.

8.         Enter the elevator and push the 1st floor button.

9.         There is no need to use your access card when you call an elevator from upper levels.  It will only take
             you to the First Floor.