Customer Handbook

Access Control


Access Control means preventing unauthorized persons from entering the building and your premises.  To this end, all customers and employees are required to complete the Access Card Request form. It provides an efficient means of computer identification, and it is extremely important in case of a personal emergency.  The Crescent Security must also have an accurate personnel list for each customer; all changes must be forwarded immediately to The Crescent Management Office.

All metal keys and access cards must be collected and returned upon termination of an employee or a lease agreement.  A new key set will be issued to each new employee.  It is imperative that metal keys and access cards never pass from previous employees to new one, without submitting appropriate forms to the Management Office.

In addition, The Crescent Security asks that each customer provide the names and phone numbers of three people who can be called in the event of an emergency or unusual after-hours request.  Reference “Customer Contact Information” form at the end of the handbook.

Please note that any after-hours activities scheduled in your space, for which individuals other than customers or employees will require admittance, necessitate prior notification to the Management Office.  Although no unauthorized access to a customer space will be allowed without such notice, there is available for potential visitors a two-way voice intercom to the Security Central Control Room from the elevator lobbies.