Customer Handbook



Green business practices are very important to the culture of The Crescent. We aim to promote recycling, reduce waste and maintain a clean and environmentally sustainable facility.

To ensure the success of our recycling program individual participation is key. Please remember to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Upon request The Crescent will provide blue recycling containers to be placed at the desk of each person who will be participating in the program. All recycling should be placed in the blue bins.

Please visit the City of Dallas website for a list of all things safe to recycle. For any further questions about our recycling program, please contact the management office at 214.880.4500.

Please refer to the below specifications for what can and cannot be recycled.

Glass: Clear and colored bottles and jars. Rinse and discard caps.

Cardboard: No wax or plastic coated materials and no foamcore.

Aluminum: Clean cans, foil and pie plates. No aerosol cans or scrap metal.

Paper: Newspaper, office paper, junk mail, catalogs, magazines, drawings, plots, cups, plates.  Do not mix with organic matter, no wax or coated paper and no tissue paper.

Plastic: Bottles, containers, plates, utensils, bags, liners. Discard caps.