Customer Handbook



The Crescent contains two separate but conjoining underground parking garages - one garage serves the retail area and one serves the office building.  The office building garage is located directly under the Office Towers and the retail garage is located directly under the Atrium.  There are four access points to the site that provide entry and exit for the garage:  1) the north ramp located in front of Stanley Korshak, 2) the east ramp located off Maple Ave, 3) the west ramp located off Cedar Springs, 4) the south ramp located behind Shake Shak off Pearl St.

The office garage consists of five levels containing 2,500 parking spaces.  Reserved monthly parking spaces are provided on level 2.  Unreserved parking spaces are provided on levels 3, 4, and 5.  Visitor parking is available on level 1. 

Monthly access to The Crescent Parking Garage is granted via an access sticker or TollTag.  Each employee must fill out a Parking application.  To ensure proper operation, the Access sticker must be permanently affixed to your windshield. 

  1. To affix your access sticker, clean and dry the windshield surface about 2 inches below the rearview mirror and press the sticker firmly into place, making sure it is right side up.
  2. To open a gate, approach it slowly and wait until the gate is fully open before proceeding.
  3. If the gate does not open, call for assistance, using the intercom located in the card reader pedestal.

The Crescent also provides a monthly Valet Reserved Parking program for its customers.  For $325 a month, a customer can valet park, unlimited times each day, and have their car parked in a reserved parking location on level 2.  The valet stand for the Office Towers is located on the north side of the 200 building in the piazza.  The hours for the valet are Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm. 


Visitors have several options to park on site.  There is valet parking available on the north side of the 200 building, valet parking in front of three of our on-site restaurants (Moxie’s, The Capital Grille and Sixty Vines) or self-parking either on the surface or on level 1 in the Office Tower or Retail garage.  The 1 Hour Retail surface spaces are sanctioned for visitors of retail customers only.  Violators will be towed.

For additional information, call The Crescent Parking Garage Office at 214.871.3686.